Very Few Could Guess The Animal Swimming In This Viral Clip. Can You?

Can you guess what animal is seen swimming in this video?

An old viral video has resurfaced on Twitter – this time in the form of a puzzle that left many scratching their heads. On Sunday, Indian Forest Services officer Susanta Nanda took to the microblogging platform to share a 2013 video of an animal swimming in a lake and asked his followers if they could guess what animal it is before it emerges out of water. The correct answer left many surprised. 

The video shows the animal with its head below the blue-green waters of the lake. After a few seconds, it raises its head out of water. 

“Guess what is floating during the first 10 seconds of the video?” wrote Mr Nanda while sharing the video. While the 20-second clip has collected over 10,000 views, very few were able to guess the correct answer looking at the first few seconds of the clip alone.

Can you fare better? Take a look:

Answers in the comments section ranged from crocodile to whale – all incorrect. 

“I thought it was a rhino,” wrote one person in the comments section. 

“I doubt anyone would guess this right. Superb,” said another.

Many were surprised to learn that the swimming animal is actually a moose – a type of deer found in parts of Canada, US and Russia.

The video of the swimming moose was filmed at the Glacier National Park in Montana, US seven years ago. It was taken by Wayne Ellet, who recorded the moose emerging for a breath before diving underwater again, its horns creating a strange ripple on the surface of water. 

Moose are actually adept swimmers who can diver underwater for upto 20 feet and can hold their breath for a full minute. 

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