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Tastes of My Hand

  • 5- 6 length medium length potatoes
  • Half a kilo of broccoli
  • 4 carrots
  • If you want spice is up to you
  • And salt
  • Cheddar grated
  • A glass of broth if available in your residence

Taste of My Hand Zerzevat Definition of My Boiled Preparation

After the broccoli is washed and cut by hand, it is put into the pot. . We can also throw the carrots into thin slices. We put the water in a way that does not overflow and we make salt curves almost uncooked. We cut our potatoes into cubes and boil them in the pot. We add salt to cook. . When the water is filtered, put it on the plate and smoke it. We grate cheddar from the fine place of the grater. . Enjoy your meal. . . (You can decorate yogurt lada if you want. The choice is yours.)