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Tools for the Definition of Stuffed Zucchini

  • 4-5 pumpkins
  • Paste
  • Hot water
  • Liquid oil (1 tablespoon)

For Internal Mortar;

  • Rice (1 tea glass)
  • Onion (1 piece)
  • Minced meat (1 bowl full)
  • Dill herb
  • Paste
  • Salt and mint / pulbiber

Zucchini Stuffed Definition Preparation

First of all, we peel the zucchinis in stripes. Then we divide it into three / four compared to the size of the pumpkin. We cut the inside of the cut pumpkin, which we divide with the help of a teaspoon, when you turn it in a circular spoon, you can simply handle it without damaging the edges. Then we start preparing the inner mortar, while we can heat our water. For the inner mortar, you can add chopped onions, minced meat to about a bowlful, that is, to make an eye decision. We fill the prepared mortar into the pumpkins. We pour a tablespoon of liquid oil into the bottom of the pot, arranging the pumpkins side by side as often as possible. If you want, you can cover the zucchini with slices of tomatoes ???? Lastly, we add a little tomato paste by dissolving in hot water, and add half the zucchini to the water and let it cook. If we throw some salt into the water after a few boils are boiled, salt will be more delicious outside the pumpkin. We leave it on low heat for 25 minutes or so. You can tell if it is cooked by tasting from the inner mortar. Bon Appetit????