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Pınar Labneli Spinach Slices Equipment Definition

  • 10 slices of toast bread
  • half kg of spinach
  • 1 nectarine onion
  • 1 small package PINAR LABNE
  • black pepper salt
  • liquid oil
  • very little margarine
  • 10 slices PINAR KASHAR

Pınar Labneli Spinach Slices Definition

Let’s wash the spinach with plenty of water and cook it in a large saucepan until it changes color as a whole. Let’s take our spinach, which has changed color, with the help of a colander. And let’s chop 2 cm in width, chop 1 nectar of onions and cook in liquid oil. Let’s add our spinach. Let’s add our salt and pepper. Let’s cover it up. Let’s add our PINAR LABNE cheese after the smoke is gone. Let’s apply margarine on our toast breads and put 2 tablespoons of spinach in our mortar. Let’s put the PINAR KASAR slices on top of them. Let’s cook in a 180-degree oven until the cheddars are melted in the grill setting. Let’s serve our loved ones warmly.