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Equipment for the Definition of Cauliflower with Minced Meat in the Oven

  • A medium length cauliflower
  • 250-300 gr minced meat
  • One medium length onion
  • A village pepper
  • A tomato
  • A tablespoon of tomato paste
  • A teaspoon of pepper paste
  • Salt, pepper, cumin

For cauliflower sauce:

  • Two eggs
  • One cup of yogurt
  • Half a glass of liquid oil
  • Salt
  • Half a glass of grated cheddar cheese

definition of cauliflower with minced meat in the oven

Cauliflower is washed elegantly and left to boil in the pot. On the one hand, while boiling cauliflower, on the other hand, liquid oil is added to another pot, and onions are diced. Add a little bit of pink pepper and chopped pepper. Roast for a minute or two. Minced meat is added immediately behind. After a little roasted in minced meat, chopped tomatoes are added. When the tomatoes are softened, salt and spices are added with tomato and pepper paste. Meanwhile, when cauliflowers soften, its water is drained with a strainer. In a separate bowl, yogurt, oil, egg, salt are mixed. The minced meat mixture we prepared before my medium-length debt is spread. Cauliflowers are stewed on them. Cauliflower sauce is poured on it. It is left to be cooked for 25-30 minutes at 200 points, sprinkled with grated cheddar cheese close to cooking, ready for service after cooking in the oven for a few more minutes. Bon Appetit;)