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Tools for the Definition of Practical Mushrooms (Bakery Flavor)

  • Culture mushroom
  • Salt
  • Butter
  • Cheddar cheese

Practical Mushroom (Bakery Flavor) Definition Definition

I found the most practical way to bake mushrooms that we ate by fainting 🙂
First of all, we remove the stems without washing the mushrooms. Then we wash and install it stylishly. We divide the mushrooms in two.
When we open the toaster and heat it up enough, we spread the aluminum foil and put it on the mushrooms. We add the salt and butter little by little into the mushrooms (you can adjust it according to your taste). After your mushrooms are cooked, we turn off the toaster and put the grated cheese on them. If you don’t like cheddar, it is simply unbearable. Bon Appetit.