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Green Onion Squash Frying Tools for Definition

  • 4 pumpkins
  • 10-15 arms of green onion
  • Salt

Green Onion Squash Frying Definition Definition

I start my definition by saying beautiful Ramadan friends.

Green onion saves little space, you can evaluate onions without spoiling and you can prepare an easy and delicious meal.

Let’s chop the zucchinis and green onions one or two cm wide.

Let’s fry the zucchinis in a hot oil enough to cover the pan. Add the green onions to the remaining oil and let them fry until the onions die a little. Let’s add the zucchini we have fried in the pan, let’s add salt according to our desire. Our pumpkin, ready for 1-2 minutes, is ready.

Enjoy your meal. Fat should not lose weight ????