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Materials for Definition of Fresh Beans in Tile

  • Green beans prepared in deep freezer made in 1 refrigerator bag Made of 200 gr fresh beans, tomatoes and peppers are also included.
  • 1 nectarine
  • Olive oil

Definition of Fresh Beans in Tile

Hello there was a problem with natural gas today and I was going to cook green beans and I decided to cook it in the oven. Do not say if any green beans are baked in the oven, it was very delicious in the tile. I used the beans that I put in the fridge bags I prepared in the summer. If you don’t have frozen beans, you can make it fresh. Since it is present in peppers and tomatoes, I did not need extra tomatoes and peppers. If you do not have frozen beans prepared, you can use 2 tomatoes 1 pepper to 200 250 gr beans. Let’s come to the tariff; usual, onion is chopped and roasted. But I had to cook in the oven. I chopped the onion and put it in the tile. I put a little olive oil on top of it and put it directly frozen before melting the beans. I added a little more olive oil and salt on it. I baked in 200 stages in the oven for about 2 hours. Determine your cooking time compared to your oven. Everyone fainted in the house, the stove without natural gas did not work, the situation reflected to us, I would recommend you try it. Bon Appetit ????