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Materials for the Definition of Goose Tiridi (Kütahya Style)

  • 1 (if possible, thrown in the nut)
  • 15 dried phyllo dough
  • Salt
  • 1 tea glass of sunflower oil

Definition of Kaz Tiridi (Kütahya Manı)

Cut, clean and boil the excavation. Then fry until it turns pink. Add salt. Break the dough and moisten it, cover it and let it soften. Just as the process is repeated 2-3 times with the water of the goose. Put the brewed dough in a saucepan and heat it. Feed the dough with the goose oil. The dough should be neither too soft nor too dry. Then goose is put on it whole or half.
Presentation: It is the general piece of goose tiret brought to the table as a whole and its meat is separated and distributed by a connoisseur. Serve with pickles (tomato or pepper) next to the season.