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Garlic Toast Breads Definition

  • Toast bread as much as you want
  • Garlic
  • Thyme
  • Salt
  • Olive oil (also happens with other liquid oils, but olive oil is different, more delicious)

Definition of Making Garlic Toast Breads

We lay out our toast breads on your baking tray. We put some margarine or butter on the bread. Then mix the beaten garlic cloves with olive oil, lots of salt and thyme. Spread on the bread with a brush. After I apply, I pour some salt and thyme over all of them again. I cut toast bread in a triangle and give it to the warmed oven before. Breads are baked in the oven until golden brown.
At this stage, I definitely recommend you to close your kitchen door, because the garlic smells very sad: D (But it is so stylish and delicious)

I recommend it to soup and juicy dishes.
I also offer chips or nuts to the guest when the guest arrives and everybody faints.

The presentation is precious to any hengam. Even though it is a plain definition, it has an impact;)