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Materials for the Definition of Easy Cauliflower Fries

  • Medium length cauliflower one
  • 5-6 eggs
  • More chili peppers than 1 teaspoon
  • Liquid oil for frying
  • Boiled water



  • Garlic yogurt
  • Tomato sauce

Easy Cauliflower Roast Definition Definition

We take cauliflowers big and small and put them in our pot. We add the form of boiling water to pass over. We extend another 10-15 minutes after it starts to boil. You can also boil less time than eating. After boiling, we filter the water. We put the oil in our pan. (I prefer to fry in abundant oil because it draws a lot of oil) On one side, we break the eggs into a bowl until the oil burns. We add chili peppers on it (I use it so that it does not smear the eggs, you can also reduce the size of the chili peppers). Compared to eating, we fry and take it from the pan. Depending on your request, we add yoghurt with garlic, add tomato sauce and serve it. Bon Appetit. .