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Baked Cheese Sauce Vegetables Description


  • 1 Broccoli
  • Half cauliflower
  • 3-4 Carrots
  • 3-4 Potatoes

For the sauce

  • 500ml Milk
  • 3 – 4 Eggs
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • One tablespoon of flour, you can duplicate flour for a more solid consistency.


  • Thyme (Oregano), Curry, Turmeric, Black / Red / White Pepper Powder, Salt, Muscat (Coconut). dried basil.
  • Schnittlauch (Dried Green Onion)


  • A Scented Cheese for example
  • Gorgonzola (moldy Cheese)
  • Pour a little bit of Parmesan again in Ordinary Cheddar Cheese

Description of Baked Cheese Sauced Vegetable Dish

Boil the vegetables, but not too soft.

Stir the sauce in a liver shape and pour over the boiled vegetables (on a greased tray).

It takes 30-40 minutes on average until it is cooked over 180 levels.

Bon Appetit 🙂